Neonatal Hemochromatosis


image Pancreas

image Heart

image Thyroid

image Minor salivary glands

• Abnormal iron studies

• Liver and multiorgan failure


• Shrunken liver

• Cirrhosis


• Marked lobular necrosis with collapse

• Regenerative nodules

• Pseudoacinar formation

• Intracanalicular bile plugs

• Giant hepatocytes

• Iron deposition in hepatocytes and ductules as well as in organs outside of liver

Top Differential Diagnoses

• Virus infection
image CMV

image Echovirus

image Herpes simplex virus

• Neonatal lupus

• Tyrosinemia

Lobular Necrosis
H&E in this case of neonatal hemochromatosis shows lobular necrosis and collapse of the hepatocellular cords with residual hepatocytes and bile ductules.

Perl Iron Stain
Perl iron stain in this case of neonatal hemochromatosis shows marked iron deposition image within the hepatocytes.

Submassive Hepatocellular Necrosis
Higher power of this case of neonatal hemochromatosis shows submassive hepatocellular necrosis image with a rim of residual hepatocytes image .

Giant Cells
Giant cells are seen in this case of neonatal hemochromatosis.



• Neonatal hemochromatosis (NH)


• Congenital hemochromatosis

• Neonatal iron storage disease

• Gestational alloimmune disease


• Severe liver disease with iron overload in liver and other organs (distribution similar to hereditary hemochromatosis)
image Fetal or perinatal onset

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