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The Eighth Report of the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) (2005)1 has recognized a hierarchy of viral taxa as follows: (order), family, (subfamily), genus, and species. Only three recognized orders of viruses are listed: Caudovirales, Nidovirales, and Mononegavirales. To avoid duplication of literature citations with the chapters on Paramyxoviridae (Chapter 33), Rhabdoviridae (Chapter 31), Filoviridae (Chapter 32), and Bornaviridae (Chapter 39) only the minimal list of references that are unique to this chapter are cited. For full documentation of facts discussed here, see the specific chapters describing each family of the Mononegavirales. Table 30.1 lists nomenclature derivations relevant to this material.

Table 30.1 Nomenclature Derivations

Borna From Borna, a town in Saxony, Germany
Cyto From Greek, kytos, “cell”
Ebola From the river Ebola, Zaire
Ephemero From Greek, ephemeros, “ephemeral”
Filo From Latin, filo, “thread-like”
Lyssa From Greek, lyssa, “rage, fury, canine madness”
Marburg From the city of Marburg, Germany
Meta From Greek, meta, “after”
Mono From Greek, monos, “single”
Morbilli From Latin morbillus, diminutive of morbus, “disease”
Nega Modern invention from negative-sense RNA
Novi Modern invention (no- and vi-) to describe a characteristic of the genus
Nucleo From Latin nux, “nut”
Paramyxo From Greek para, “by the side of,” and myxo, “mucus”
Pneumo From Greek, pneuma, “breathe”
Respiro From Latin, respirare, “to breathe”
Rhabdo From Latin, rhabdos, “rod”
Rubula From Latin, rubber, “red”; rubula inflans was the old name for mumps.
Vesiculo From Latin, vesicula, diminutive of vesica, “blister”
Virales From Latin, “viruses”

Table 30.2 Taxonomic Structure of the Order Mononegavirales

Order Mononegavirales
Family Bornaviridae
Genus    Bornavirus
Family Rhabdoviridae
Genus    Vesiculovirus
Genus    Lyssavirus
Genus    Ephemerovirus
Genus    Novirhabdovirus
Genus    Cytorhabdovirus
Genus    Nucleorhabdovirus
Family Filoviridae
Genus    Marburgvirus
Genus    Ebolavirus
Family Paramyxoviridae
Subfamily Paramyxovirinae
Genus    Rubulavirus
Genus    Avulavirus
Genus    Respirovirus
Genus    Aquaparamyxovirus
Genus    Ferlavirus
Genus    Henipavirus
Genus    Morbillivirus
Genus Pneumovirinae
Genus    Pneumovirus
Genus    Metapneumovirus
Adapted from Pringle CR. Mononegavirales. In: Fauquet CM, Mayo MA, Maniloff J, et al., eds. Virus Taxonomy. Eighth Report of the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses. London: Elsevier/Academic Press; 2005:609–614, with permission.3

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