Duct Ectasia

Duct Ectasia

With age, the supporting tissue of large ducts below the nipple may weaken. The ducts can fill with inspissated secretions and become markedly dilated, as seen in this nipple duct injection.

Ectatic ducts image are surrounded by chronic inflammatory cells and fibrosis. The inflammatory reaction can form an irregular mass that closely mimics invasive cancer clinically and radiologically.



  • Duct ectasia (DE)


  • Benign condition characterized by ectasia (dilation) of large subareolar ducts with associated periductal inflammation and fibrosis



  • Walls of large ducts weaken with age

    • Elastic fibers thin and become attenuated

  • Dilated ducts fill with secretory debris

    • Inspissated secretions can result in thick white nipple discharge

  • If rupture occurs, an intense chronic inflammatory response results in response to extravasated lipids

  • Periductal fibrosis forms an irregular mass

    • Fibrosis can involve overlying skin causing retraction

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