Tumoral Calcinosis

Tumoral Calcinosis

Julie C. Fanburg-Smith, MD

Cyril Fisher, MD, DSc, FRCPath

CT scan of knee in a patient with tumoral calcinosis shows amorphous, dense subcutaneous extraarticular calcification image. The differential diagnosis includes renal osteodystrophy and collagen vascular disease.

Multilocular cystic lesion of tumoral calcinosis demonstrates cysts separated by fibrous septa image. The cysts contain basophilic amorphous material with small foci of granular calcification image.



  • Lipid calcinosis

  • Calcifying collagenolysis

  • Tumoral lipocalcinosis


  • Extraskeletal soft tissue calcification with granulomatous response


Etiology Theories

  • Inborn error of phosphorus metabolism

Associated Conditions

  • Hyperphosphatemia


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