Respiratory Physiology

Chapter 5 Respiratory Physiology

II. Functional Anatomy of the Respiratory System

B. Conducting airways

III. Mechanics of Breathing

B. Inspiration
1. Overview

C. Expiration

3. Sources of resistance during expiration

The increased pressure compresses the airways and reduces airway diameter.
a. This reduction in airway diameter is the primary source of resistance to airflow during expiration.

Figure 5-4 shows a flow-volume curve recorded during inspiration and expiration in a normal subject.

D. Work of breathing

2. Airway resistance

Because air is essentially a fluid of low viscosity, airflow resistance can be equated to the resistance encountered by a fluid traveling through a rigid tube.

Contribution of large and small airways to resistance

E. Pulmonary compliance (C)

G. Surface tension

H. Role of surfactant

IV. Gas Exchange

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