Chapter 2 Neurophysiology

II. Organization and Functional Anatomy of the Nervous System

E. Protection of the brain
This is ensured by two separate systems, the blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers.

1. Blood-brain barrier (BBB) (Fig. 2-2)

III. The Autonomic Nervous System

B. Organization

6. An example of a visceral reflex is the response to cold.

b. Functional anatomy (Fig. 2-3)

e. The enteric nervous system

C. Neurotransmitters of the ANS

D. Neurotransmitter receptor types

IV. Control of Movement

E. Role of spinal cord tracts in movement (Table 2-6)

2. Tracts can be divided anatomically into two categories, pyramidal and extrapyramidal.

3. Medial descending system (MDS)

5. Relationship of upper and lower motor neurons

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