Renal Physiology

Chapter 6 Renal Physiology

I. Overview

For substances in the lumen of the glomerular capillaries to be filtered into the renal tubular system, they must traverse the three component layers of the glomerular filtration barrier (Fig. 6-4).

2. Layers of the filtration barrier
Each of these layers is highly specialized for filtration.

II. Regulation of Glomerular Function
A. Filtration forces at the glomerulus (Fig. 6-5)

B. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)

4. Regulation of GFR

5. Renal Blood Flow

Tubuloglomerular feedback

III. Measuring Renal Function

D. Measuring the GFR
1. Creatinine clearance (Fig. 6-10)

E. Clearance and reabsorption/secretion

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