Reduction Mammoplasties

Reduction Mammoplasties

To reduce the size of the breasts, multiple portions of breast tissue and skin are resected. The nipple is preserved and repositioned. Tissue from each breast should be separately identified.

The specimen consists of multiple fragments of breast tissue with or without skin and is generally not oriented. Any suspicious areas identified grossly are submitted for microscopic examination.



  • Reduction mammoplasty (RM)


  • Breast reduction surgery


  • Surgical procedure to reduce size of breast; skin and breast tissue (but not nipple) are removed


Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Indications

    • Congenital breast asymmetry

    • Symptomatic macromastia

    • Asymmetry following breast cancer surgery

  • Insurance plans may only reimburse RM for physical symptoms and not for cosmetic reasons

    • May require that only minimal amount of breast tissue is removed (typically 300 g)

  • RM has proven to be safe and relieves symptoms due to macromastia

    • Associated with overall excellent patient satisfaction

  • Follow-up studies after breast reduction surgery

    • Significantly better quality of life

    • Fewer breast-associated symptoms

    • Less depression and anxiety; better self-esteem when compared with preoperative evaluation


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