Nonspecific Granulomatous Orchitis

Nonspecific Granulomatous Orchitis

Steven S. Shen, MD, PhD

Jae Y. Ro, MD, PhD

Nonspecific granulomatous orchitis is shown. Bivalved testis with ill-defined nodules variably involve the testis and paratestis. Due to the pseudotumorous firm consistency, malignancy is mimicked.

Typical features of early stage are characterized by intratubular histiocytic infiltration with a few lymphocytes, mimicking granulomas. Special stains for microorganisms are negative.



  • Mixed chronic and granulomatous orchitis with no specific etiology; may be autoimmune or posttraumatic reaction


Unknown Causes

  • Trauma, infection, extravasated sperm, and autoimmune disease have been postulated as possible pathogenetic mechanisms

    • May be associated with urinary tract infection, history of prostatectomy, and inguinal hernia repair

    • Autoimmune reaction to sperm antibodies

    • Vascular compromise with ischemia or infarction



  • Incidence

    • Rare; more common in African-Americans

  • Age

    • Range: 29-79 years old (average: 55 years old)


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