Chapter 5 Neoplasia

9 Are there any benign equivalents of carcinomas and sarcomas?

Yes. The names for benign tumors are formed by adding the suffix -oma to the cell of their origin. Thus a benign tumor originating from fibroblasts is called fibroma, a tumor of fat cells is called lipoma, a tumor of smooth muscle cells is called leiomyoma, a tumor of striated muscles is called rhabdomyoma, a tumor of bone is called osteoma, and so on.

Benign epithelial tumors could be called epitheliomas, but this term is not specific enough and is not used. Instead, benign epithelial tumors are known under a number of other names, such as:

See Fig. 5-2.

20 How are benign tumors distinguished from malignant tumors in practice?

During the past 150 years, clinicians and pathologists have been correlating the clinical behavior of various neoplasms with the histologic features of these tumors. Empirical clinicopathologic criteria have been formulated on the basis of such studies and are used to predict whether a tumor is benign or malignant. These criteria include:


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