Melanoma, Nodular Type

Melanoma, Nodular Type

Soheil Sam Dadras, MD, PhD

Nicole Carreau

Clinical photograph of a nodular-type melanoma shows a darkly pigmented elevated lesion with irregular borders on the chest. (Courtesy J. Wu, MD.)

Low-power examination of a MM-NT shows a large, expansile dermal nodule with irregular pigmentation image and areas of epidermal thinning and necrosis image (but no complete ulceration in this section).



  • Melanoma, nodular type (MM-NT)


  • Invasive melanoma that histologically lacks a prominent junctional component (radial growth phase does not extend beyond 3 rete ridges of invasive vertical growth phase)



  • Incidence

    • 2nd most common subtype of invasive melanoma (after superficial spreading type)

  • Age

    • Median age of onset is 49 years

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