Intramuscular Myxoma

Intramuscular Myxoma

Khin Thway, BSc, MBBS, FRCPath

Gross image shows an intramuscular myxoma. This is a circumscribed and lobulated tumor with a white or glistening cut surface. Note the smooth interface with adjacent skeletal muscle.

In this intramuscular myxoma, the lesion abuts skeletal muscle image. The lesion is sparsely cellular; the constituent cells are small and bland and arranged in patternless distributions within the myxoid stroma.



  • Benign soft tissue tumor composed of bland fibroblasts embedded in abundant extracellular myxoid stroma

  • Can sometimes be cellular

    • Cellular or hypercellular intramuscular myxoma



  • Age

    • Middle-aged adults

  • Gender

    • Female predilection


  • Usually large muscles

    • Thigh

    • Buttock

    • Shoulder

    • Arm

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