Hemosiderotic Fibrohistiocytic Lipomatous Lesion

Hemosiderotic Fibrohistiocytic Lipomatous Lesion

Julie C. Fanburg-Smith, MD

Aaron Auerbach, MD

Hemosiderotic fibrohistiocytic lipomatous lesion (HFLL) is composed largely of homogeneous fat with septal proliferations. It is not a mass-like lesion.

The septal proliferations are sometimes wispy, myxoid, spindled, inflamed, and hemosiderin-rich, as seen here.



  • Hemosiderotic fibrohistiocytic lipomatous lesion (HFLL)


  • Hemosiderotic fibrolipomatous tumor is separate entity from pleomorphic hyalinizing angiectatic tumor (PHAT)


  • Benign, probably reactive, lesion that occurs in ankle region of adult women

    • Usually secondary to ill-fitting shoes or other trauma

    • Composed predominantly of fat with septal spindled, inflammatory, and hemosiderin changes


Typical Cause

  • Trauma or ill-fitting shoes

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