Diabetic Mastopathy/Lymphocytic Mastopathy

Diabetic Mastopathy/Lymphocytic Mastopathy

Diabetic mastopathy forms breast masses that may be palpable or present as circumscribed or ill-defined mammographic densities. In this case, a clip image from a prior core needle biopsy is present within the mass.

DM is characterized by extremely dense stroma with a glassy appearance to the collagen image. Ducts, lobules image, and blood vessels are surrounded by a dense lymphocytic infiltrate.



  • Diabetic mastopathy (DM)


  • Diabetic fibrous mastopathy

  • Lymphocytic mastopathy

  • Sclerosing lymphocytic lobulitis


  • Periductal, perilobular, and perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate accompanied by proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts, occurring primarily in women with diabetes mellitus or other autoimmune diseases



  • Majority of patients have longstanding insulin-dependent diabetes

    • Fewer patients have autoimmune thyroid disease

  • Stromal changes may be due to abnormal glucose deposition on collagen

  • However, some patients do not have autoimmune disease; it is unknown if DM is risk factor for developing these diseases



  • Very hard palpable mass, well circumscribed or ill defined

  • May be multiple and bilateral

  • Occurs in both men and women at any age

  • Imaging findings may mimic carcinoma or be nonspecific

    • MR may be helpful as there is characteristic slow gradual enhancement


  • Unnecessary once carcinoma is excluded


  • Lesion is benign, but new masses may form

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