Vaginal Adenosis

Vaginal Adenosis

Marisa R. Nucci, MD

Adenosis typically involves the mucosal surface or lamina propria as smoothly contoured glands that may be cystic image. It may be focal or extensive (as seen here).

In adenosis, the glands are most commonly lined by bland endocervical-type epithelium image; however, tuboendometrioid or “embryonic” (low columnar to cuboidal cells) epithelium may be seen.



Spontaneous (Developmental Anomaly)

  • Postembryonic persistence of müllerian-type epithelium

Environmental Exposure

  • In utero exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES)

    • If < 8th week gestation, 100% develop adenosis

    • If > 15th week gestation, 6% develop adenosis

  • DES alters p63 expression, potentially resulting in persistence of müllerian-type epithelium into adulthood

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