Tufted Angioma

Tufted Angioma

David Cassarino, MD, PhD

Scanning magnification of a tufted angioma shows scattered dermal lobular collections of vessels. The lobules bulge into dilated vessels, with a few peripheral semilunar spaces identified image.

Higher magnification of a lobule shows a proliferation of small, slit-like vascular spaces image lined by bland oval to spindle-shaped endothelial cells.



  • Acquired tufted angioma (ATA)

  • Angioblastoma (of Nakagawa)

  • Progressive capillary hemangioma

  • Tufted hemangioma


  • Multiple cannonball-like, scattered cellular collections of small vessels in dermis



  • Most cases sporadic; rare familial case described

  • Some cases associated with pregnancy or liver transplantation

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