Steatocystoma (Multiplex)

 Has granular layer, rather than eosinophilic cuticle of steatocystoma

image Lacks associated sebaceous glands

• Dermoid cyst
image Occurs in younger patients

image Has granular layer, rather than eosinophilic cuticle of steatocystoma

• Epidermoid cyst/epidermal inclusion cyst
image Has granular layer

image Lacks sebaceous glands in cyst wall

• Pilar cyst
image Exhibits abrupt trichilemmal keratinization

image Lack sebaceous glands

Steatocystoma With Multiple Thin-Walled Cystic Spaces
Steatocystomas present as thin-walled dermal cysts. Note the normal epidermis in the upper left corner image and sebaceous glands in the cyst wall image.

Typical Steatocystoma With Sebaceous Glands
The cyst is lined by a thin squamous epithelial lining that has an eosinophilic cuticle and is associated with sebaceous glands image.

High Magnification of Lining of Steatocystoma
The key diagnostic feature is the image eosinophilic cuticle lining the cyst wall. It has an undulating crenulated appearance.

High Magnification of Steatocystoma With Vellus Hair Shaft
The eosinophilic cuticle image with its undulating, crenulated appearance is a key diagnostic feature. This cyst also has a fragment of a vellus hair shaft image, a feature sometimes seen in steatocystomas.



• Benign cyst derived from sebaceous duct that may present as multiple lesions (steatocystoma multiplex) or as single lesion (steatocystoma simplex)



• Incidence
image Uncommon

• Age
image Steatocystoma multiplex usually presents in adolescents

image Steatocystoma simplex usually presents in adults


• May occur at any site, but trunk is most common location for steatocystoma multiplex
image Axillae and groin commonly affected in female patients

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