Sebaceous Adenoma

 Located centrally within lobules

• Basaloid/germinative cells at periphery of lobules

• Cytologic atypia not prominent

• Presence of mitotic figure in germinative layer does not indicate malignant potential

Ancillary Tests

• Sebocytes express EMA, podoplanin (D2-40), androgen receptor, and adipophilin

Top Differential Diagnoses

• Sebaceoma
image Composed of > 50% germinative/basaloid cells

• Sebaceous hyperplasia
image Superficial sebaceous lobules surrounding dilated follicle/pore

• Clear cell basal cell carcinoma
image Lack of scalloped nuclei

image Cytoplasm not truly bubbly

• Tricholemmoma

Scanning Magnification of a Sebaceous Adenoma
In this low magnification of a large sebaceous adenoma, the tumor is a well-circumscribed, multilobular proliferation with multiple attachments to the epidermis and superficial holocrine necrosis image.

High Magnification of Sebaceous Adenoma
Sebocytes have a central, scalloped/crenulated nuclei with bubbly cytoplasm image. Basaloid/germinative cells rim the sebocytes image.

Sebaceous Adenoma With Irregular Lobules
This example of sebaceous adenoma shows a proliferation of small, irregularly-shaped sebaceous lobules composed of bland-appearing sebocytes surrounded by an expanded basaloid layer image.

Traumatized Sebaceous Adenoma
This is an example of traumatized sebaceous adenoma, with overlying hemorrhage and serum crust image. The lesion is composed of central sebocytes image and peripheral basaloid cells image. The basaloid cells form 1-3 layers at the periphery of lobules.



• Benign tumor

• > 50% of tumor is composed of mature sebocytes

• > 1 layer of basaloid/germinative cells at periphery of sebocyte-filled lobules



• Often on head and neck, but any site possible


• Yellow, tan, to pink papule


• Reexcision not necessary


• Benign tumor

• No malignant potential

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