Nasal Glial Heterotopia

Nasal Glial Heterotopia

Lester D. R. Thompson, MD

Low magnification shows intact skin with adnexal structures (hair follicles image) surrounding a haphazard collection of neural elements (glial tissue).

High magnification shows the intermingling of glial elements with fibrosis. This is a very subtle finding, highlighting the reason for performing special studies in many cases.



  • Nasal glial heterotopia (NGH)


  • Glioma (implies tumor, and should be discouraged)


  • NGH is congenital malformation of displaced normal, mature glial tissue (choristomas)

    • Continuity with intracranial component usually obliterated

  • Encephalocele represents herniation of brain tissue and leptomeninges through defect of skull

    • Continuity with cranial cavity is maintained


Developmental Anomaly

  • NGH is congenital malformation of displaced normal and mature glial tissue

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