Multicystic Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Multicystic Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Cyril Fisher, MD, DSc, FRCPath

Hematoxylin & eosin shows multiple large cysts separated by connective tissue septa. Cysts vary in size and contain proteinaceous secretion. Note that the cyst lining lacks tufting or papilla formation.

Hematoxylin & eosin shows that the cyst is lined by a single layer of flattened or cuboidal cells image. Hobnail pattern, tufts, or papillae are sometimes seen. The septa are composed of vascular fibrous tissue.



  • Multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma (MPM)


  • Benign cystic mesothelioma

  • Peritoneal inclusion cyst


  • Benign intraabdominal or pelvic lesion of parietal or serosal peritoneal mesothelium

    • Can be multicystic or composed of several separate cystic lesions

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