Hepatic Glomerulosclerosis

Hepatic Glomerulosclerosis

Robert B. Colvin, MD

Hepatic glomerulosclerosis (HGS) characteristically has lipid debris in the mesangium image, evident by electron microscopy. Amorphous electron-dense deposits typical of immune complexes are also present image.

By immunofluorescence, prominent IgA deposits are present in the expanded mesangium in HGS. The pattern resembles IgA nephropathy although inflammatory changes are absent.



  • Hepatic glomerulosclerosis (HGS)


  • Cirrhotic glomerulosclerosis


  • Glomerular disease related to cirrhosis or portal hypertension, manifested by accumulation of IgA and lipid debris in mesangium; excludes HCV immune complex diseases

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