Deep (Aggressive) Angiomyxoma

Deep (Aggressive) Angiomyxoma

Elizabeth A. Montgomery, MD

This is the typical loose myxoid hypocellular appearance of aggressive angiomyxoma. The vessels have somewhat thick walls image, and overall cellularity is low.

A characteristic feature of aggressive angiomyxoma is the appearance of lesional cells spinning off a vessel that they encircle. This example has mildly atypical nuclei but is devoid of mitoses.



  • Aggressive angiomyxoma of female pelvis and perineum

    • Also known to arise in men


  • Hypocellular myxoid neoplasm with prominent vessels, typically of deep pelvic tissues

    • Can be locally aggressive but does not metastasize



  • Deep soft tissue mass in genital region

    • Vulvovaginal (women)

      • Typicall in women of reproductive age

    • Inguinoscrotal (men)

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