Cellular Angiofibroma

Cellular Angiofibroma

Elizabeth A. Montgomery, MD

At low magnification, this cellular angiofibroma is well marginated but unencapsulated. Note the prominent vessels, readily apparent even at scanning magnification.

Thick hyalinized vessels are characteristic of cellular angiofibroma. The lesion is moderately cellular and consists of a uniform population of spindle cells and background collagen fibrils.



  • Angiomyofibroblastoma-like tumor of male genital tract


  • Well-marginated tumor of genital stroma composed of uniform population of bland spindle-shaped cells, wispy collagen, and thick-walled hyalinized vessels

  • Resembles spindle cell lipoma with 13q- and RB/13q14 allelic loss in some cases



  • Incidence o Rare

  • Age

    • Middle-aged patients

  • Gender

    • More common in women


  • Females

    • Usually in vulva, occasionally in vagina

  • Males

    • Inguinoscrotal region

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