1115 – Just Culture


Medication Misadventures

Just Culture (1115)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To recognize that the principles of just culture promote an environment in health care organizations in which safety is valued, reporting of safety risks is encouraged, and a fair process is used to hold staff and leaders accountable; further,

To encourage hospitals and health systems to include just culture as a component in organizational safety culture surveys and quality improvement initiatives.

Standardization of Device Connections to Avoid Wrong-Route Errors (1018)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To advocate for development and use of medication administration device connectors and fittings that are designed to prevent misconnections and wrong-route errors; further,

To support the use of oral syringes that are readily distinguishable from injectable syringes and connect only to oral or enteral adapters and fittings; further,

To oppose the use of injectable syringes for other than injectable routes of administration; further,

To identify and promote the implementation of best practices for preventing wrong-route errors.

Medication Safety Officer Role (1019)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To advocate that accountability for development and maintenance of a medication safety program in hospitals and health systems be assigned to a qualified individual (i.e., a medication safety officer or leader of a medication safety team); further,

To advocate that individuals in these roles have the authority and autonomy to establish priorities for medication-use safety and make the necessary changes as authorized by the medical staff committee responsible for medication-use policy; further,

To affirm that pharmacists are uniquely prepared by education, experience, and knowledge to assume the role of medication safety officer or other leadership role in all activities that ensure the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of the medication-use process; further,

To support all pharmacists in their leadership roles in organizational medication-use safety, reflecting their authority over and accountability for the performance of the medication-use process.

Just Culture and Reporting Medication Errors (1021)

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