*1403 – Pharmacist’s Role on Ethics Committees



Pharmacist’s Role on Ethics Committees (1403)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To advocate that pharmacists should be included as members of hospital and health-system ethics committees; further,

To encourage pharmacists to actively seek ethics consultations as appropriate; further,

To encourage pharmacists serving on ethics committees to seek advanced training in health care ethics.

Ethical Use of Placebos in Clinical Practice (1116)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To affirm that the use of placebos in clinical practice is ethically acceptable only when patients have been informed of and agree to such use as a component of treatment; further,

To encourage hospitals and health systems to develop policies and procedures to guide clinicians in making informed decisions regarding the use of placebos; further,

To oppose the use of pharmacologically active substances or medications as placebos.

This policy supersedes ASHP policy 0517.

Pharmacist’s Right of Conscience and Patient’s Right of Access to Therapy (0610)

Source: Council on Legal and Public Affairs

To recognize the right of pharmacists, as health care providers, and other pharmacy employees to decline to participate in therapies they consider to be morally, religiously, or ethically troubling; further,

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