Vertebral column


5.2 Intervertebral discs25

5.3 Typical vertebra26

5.4 Regional variations in vertebrae26

5.5 Joints, ligaments and movements27

5.6 Arteries and veins of the vertebral column28

5.1. Vertebrae

The vertebral column confers rigidity on the trunk: it is an adaptation to deal with gravity. A solid, rigid column would confer maximum rigidity, but then movement would be virtually impossible, so the column is broken up into individual vertebrae as follows:

• 7 cervical

• 12 thoracic (sometimes called dorsal, but this is misleading since they are no more dorsal than the others)

• 5 lumbar

• 5 sacral, fused into one bone, the sacrum

• a few coccygeal, which are very small and may be fused; forget about them.

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