Primary Oxalosis

Primary Oxalosis

Shane M. Meehan, MBBCh

Hematoxylin & eosin using partially polarized light shows abundant anisotropic calcium oxalate in the cortex of a 4-month-old male with primary oxalosis type 1.

Refractile, pale yellow, calcium oxalate crystals are seen, some of which are in giant cells image in the renal cortex.



  • Primary oxalosis (PO)

    • Type 1 (PO1), type 2 (PO2)


  • Primary hyperoxaluria (PH), primary hyperoxalemia


  • Oxalate overproduction due to gene mutations affecting enzymes that catalyze glyoxylate breakdown, with systemic calcium oxalate deposition


Hereditary Disorder

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