Postcoital Test (Sims-Huhner Test)

CHAPTER 154 Postcoital Test (Sims-Huhner Test)

The postcoital test (PCT) is an evaluation of the survival and motility of sperm in the cervical mucus. The PCT is a way of detecting if sperm are present in the ejaculate and cervical mucus; it is not a diagnostic test for cervical factor infertility. The PCT should be used in conjunction with semen analysis, not as a substitute for it. Result validity has been questioned because of the lack of reproducibility and universal standards for obtaining and interpreting samples with the PCT. The PCT was previously a routine test in the infertility evaluation. A 1998 randomized controlled trial concluded that routine PCT for infertile couples increased the amount of testing but did not increase the pregnancy rate for the couples. Currently, the PCT is used only for guiding treatment decisions for couples with certain indications.

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