Ninth Week to Birth: The Fetal Period


    Trimesters of Pregnancy 95

    Measurements and Characteristics of Fetuses 95

Highlights of Fetal Period 96
    Nine to Twelve Weeks 96

    Thirteen to Sixteen Weeks 97

    Seventeen to Twenty Weeks 98

    Twenty-One to Twenty-Five Weeks 98

    Twenty-Six to Twenty-Nine Weeks 99

    Thirty to Thirty-Four Weeks 99

    Thirty-Five to Thirty-Eight Weeks 99

Expected Date of Delivery 101

Factors Influencing Fetal Growth 101
    Cigarette Smoking 101

    Multiple Pregnancy 101

    Alcohol and Illicit Drugs 101

    Impaired Uteroplacental and Fetoplacental Blood Flow 102

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Apr 3, 2020 | Posted by in EMBRYOLOGY | Comments Off on Ninth Week to Birth: The Fetal Period

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