Neonatal Resuscitation

CHAPTER 180 Neonatal Resuscitation

The first few moments of a newborn’s life can be the most critical. If needed, effective emergency care during this transition can prevent lifelong consequences. Proper resuscitation requires essential equipment and knowledge of necessary protocols before delivery. Prior knowledge of the gestational age of the newborn is helpful in anticipating the need for resuscitation. Low birth weight and premature delivery predispose infants to the need for resuscitative efforts.


As with all medical procedures, universal precautions against exposure to blood and other body fluids should be followed during this procedure. Initial measures, including proper positioning, drying, suctioning, and stimulation, should be provided to all newborns. Figure 180-2 is a flow diagram of the protocol for neonatal resuscitation that is explained in the following sections.

Positioning, Suction, and Stimulation

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