Mechanical Ventilation

Chapter 76 Mechanical Ventilation

Clinical Thinking

When encountering the patient with a respiratory problem, consider:

Medical Knowledge

Modes of Ventilation/Settings

Editor’s note: Understanding mechanical ventilation first requires familiarization with the vernacular used in the respiratory care field. A glossary of the different types of ventilatory approaches follows. Note that there are two basic modes of ventilation: volume limited (gas flow continues until a predetermined inspired volume is achieved) and pressure limited (gas flow continues until a predetermined airway pressure is reached). Following a description of the ventilation modes, primary and secondary ventilatory controls are outlined.

Volume-limited Ventilation

Volume-limited ventilation involves the delivery of gas until a preset tidal volume (VT) is reached; airway pressures can vary depending on compliance or stiffness of the lungs. Expiration is passive. The following settings vary by how the ventilator responds to spontaneous inspiratory effort.

Pressure-limited Ventilation

This mode involves the delivery of gas until a preset peak airway pressure is reached, so the actual volume of gas delivered can vary per breath based on lung compliance.

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