Male Genitalia


image Penlight


Have patient lying or standing to start examination.


Wear gloves on both hands
Inspect pubic hair
imageCharacteristics EXPECTED:Coarser than scalp hair.
imageDistribution EXPECTED:Male hair distribution. Abundant in pubic region, continuing around scrotum to anal orifice, possibly continuing in narrowing midline to umbilicus. Penis without hair, scrotum with scant hair.
Inspect glans penis

image Uncircumcised patient

Retract foreskin or ask patient to do so.

EXPECTED:Dorsal vein apparent. Foreskin easily retracted. White, cheesy smegma visible over glans.
UNEXPECTED:Tight foreskin (phimosis). Lesions or discharge.
imageCircumcised patient EXPECTED:Dorsal vein apparent. Exposed glans erythematous and dry.
UNEXPECTED:Lesions or discharge.
Examine external meatus of urethra (foreskin retracted in uncircumcised patient)
imageShape EXPECTED:Slitlike opening.
UNEXPECTED:Pinpoint or round opening.
imageLocation EXPECTED:On ventral surface and only millimeters from tip of glans.
UNEXPECTED:Any place other than tip of glans or along shaft of penis.

image Urethral orifice

Press glans between thumb and forefinger

EXPECTED:Opening glistening and pink.
UNEXPECTED:Bright erythema or discharge.
Palpate penis
  EXPECTED:Soft (flaccid penis).
UNEXPECTED:Tenderness, induration, or nodularity. Prolonged erection (priapism).
Strip urethra
Firmly compress base of penis with thumb and forefinger; move toward glans. UNEXPECTED:Discharge.
Inspect scrotum and ventral surface of penis
imageColor EXPECTED:Darker than body skin and often reddened in red-haired patients.
imageTexture EXPECTED:Surface possibly coarse. Small lumps on scrotal skin (sebaceous or epidermoid cysts) that sometimes discharge oily material.
imageShape EXPECTED:Asymmetry. Thickness varying with temperature, age, emotional state.
UNEXPECTED:Unusual thickening, often with pitting.
Palpate inguinal canal for direct or indirect hernia

With patient standing, ask him to bear down as if for bowel movement. While he strains, inspect area of inguinal canal and region of fossa ovalis.

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