Hobnail (Targetoid Hemosiderotic) Hemangioma

Hobnail (Targetoid Hemosiderotic) Hemangioma

David Cassarino, MD, PhD

Low-magnification view of a hobnail hemangioma demonstrates superficial dilated vascular spaces image in the papillary dermis with deeper small blood vessels and stromal hemosiderin deposits image.

Higher power examination shows a hobnail hemangioma with superficial dilated vessels lined by small endothelial cells protruding into the lumina image and showing nuclear hyperchromasia.



  • Hobnail hemangioma (HH)


  • Targetoid hemosiderotic hemangioma (clinical term)


  • Benign vascular proliferation, typically wedge-shaped, showing intravascular papillae and hobnailed endothelial cells



  • Trauma has been implicated in some cases

    • Postulated to represent traumatized lymphangioma or hemangioma

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