Epidermal Nevus

Epidermal Nevus

Jessica M. Comstock, MD

Epidermal nevus is shown presenting as a warty, broad band of hypopigmented growth over the dorsal forearm and extensor wrist, extending onto the back of this child’s hand. (Courtesy Univ. of Utah Dept. of Dermatology.)

Low magnification shows a common type of epidermal nevus with prominent hyperkeratosis image, papillomatosis image, and acanthosis image.



  • Nevus verrucosus

    • Localized wart-like variants

  • Nevus unius lateris

    • Long linear lesions on extremities

  • Ichthyosis hystrix

    • Large bilateral lesions on trunk


  • Developmental malformation of epidermis with hyperplasia of keratinocytes

  • Specific entity that does not include adnexal malformations or appendageal tumors such as organoid/sebaceous nevus


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