Ectopic Meningioma

Ectopic Meningioma

Cyril Fisher, MD, DSc, FRCPath

Lester D. R. Thompson, MD

A nasal cavity tumor shows intact mucosa overlying a syncytial-like neoplastic meningothelial cell proliferation image. The nuclei are uniform, and the cells show moderate amounts of cytoplasm.

The meningothelial cells are arranged in a distinctive whorled pattern, with uninvolved surface squamous epithelium image. Cell boundaries are indistinct.



  • Benign neoplasm of meningothelial cells in scalp, nasal cavity, sinonasal tract, nasopharynx, or lung



  • Arachnoid cells from arachnoid granulations or pacchionian bodies lining sheaths of nerves and vessels through skull foramina

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