Conventional Blue Nevi

Conventional Blue Nevi

Soheil Sam Dadras, MD, PhD

Scanning magnification of a BN shows a symmetrical, wedge-shaped, and evenly pigmented melanocytic tumor present throughout the dermis.

High-power magnification of a conventional BN shows 2 cell types: Spindled to dendritic melanocytes image and melanophages image.



  • Blue nevus (BN)


  • Dendritic blue nevus, common blue nevus, Jadassohn-Tièche-type nevus


  • Heterogeneous group of acquired and congenital melanocytic tumors

  • Composed predominantly of spindled to dendritic-shaped melanocytes

  • Varying degrees of cellularity, intra- and extracellular melanin content, and dermal sclerosis


Developmental Anomaly

  • May represent aberrant melanocytic precursor migration in development

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