Chondroid Lipoma

Chondroid Lipoma

Khin Thway, BSc, MBBS, FRCPath

Gross photograph of chondroid lipoma shows a circumscribed lesion with a multilobulated, yellow to tan cut surface and prominent hemorrhage.

Hematoxylin & eosin shows a well-demarcated, encapsulated lesion within the subcutis. Sheets of cells with eosinophilic granular cytoplasm are admixed with mature adipocytes image.



  • Uncommon benign neoplasm with features of embryonal fat and embryonal cartilage

    • Most frequently affects proximal limbs and limb girdles of adult women

  • Often mistaken for sarcomas


Developmental Anomaly

  • Etiology unknown



  • Age

    • Adults; peak incidence = 3rd and 4th decades

  • Gender

    • M:F = 1:4


  • Predominantly proximal limbs and limb girdles

  • Trunk, head and neck (especially oral cavity)

  • Both superficial and deep locations

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