Central Odontogenic Fibroma

Central Odontogenic Fibroma

Brenda L. Nelson, DDS, MS

This central odontogenic fibroma has a loose stroma with fine collagen fibrils and small odontogenic epithelial rests image. Odontogenic rests are not always seen.

Dense fibrous stroma with a vague whorling pattern and focal calcifications image are characteristic of the variant referred to as the WHO type. This subclassification is being phased out.



  • Central odontogenic fibroma (COF)


  • Benign odontogenic neoplasm showing varying amounts of inactive-appearing odontogenic epithelium embedded in mature fibrous stroma



  • Most are considered to be of periodontal ligament origin

  • Dental follicle may be consideration

  • Peripheral odontogenic fibroma is soft tissue counterpart

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