Ampullary Adenoma

Ampullary Adenoma

Mari Mino-Kenudson, MD

A single circumscribed mass with a nodular surface occupies the ampulla. The histology of this lesion showed a tubulopapillary adenoma with invasive adenocarcinoma.

This ampullary papillary adenoma focally extends into the distal common bile duct epithelium image.



  • Intestinal-type adenoma of ampullary or periampullary region

    • Resembles adenomas of small and large bowel



  • Incidence

    • 55% of small intestinal adenomas

      • Most are sporadic

    • Seen in 50-95% of patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) and Gardner syndrome

      • Most common site of extracolonic polyps in FAP patients

  • Age

    • Range: 30-80 years

      • Average: 60s

    • Polyposis syndrome patients develop them at younger age

  • Gender

    • M:F ratio = 1:2.6 in sporadic setting

    • No gender predominance in polyposis syndromes

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