Acquired Cystic Disease

Acquired Cystic Disease

Anthony Chang, MD

Aleksandr Vasilyev, MD, PhD

Axial CECT shows innumerable cysts in bilaterally enlarged kidneys of a patient who has been on dialysis for many years.

Multiple cysts image are located throughout this end-stage kidney from a dialysis patient. This native kidney was removed for a suspicious mass image, which demonstrated both clear cell and papillary features.



  • Acquired cystic disease (ACD)


  • Acquired cystic kidney disease

  • Acquired cystic renal disease


  • Presence of 3 or more cysts in native kidneys of patients with end-stage renal disease satisfies clinical diagnosis of ACD


Unknown Pathogenesis

  • Believed to involve physiologic response to chronic renal failure

    • Possible uncharacterized humoral factor

      • Successful renal transplantation may decrease size of cysts

    • Increased proliferation of cyst-lining epithelium

  • Unclear role of calcium oxalate crystals

  • Not necessarily secondary to dialysis

    • Cyst formation occurs in some patients even before dialysis therapy



  • Incidence

    • 60-80% of patients on dialysis for more than 4 years may be diagnosed with ACD

  • Age

    • All ages

  • Gender

    • Male predilection

  • Ethnicity

    • Africans may be more likely than Caucasians to develop ACD

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