0903 – Pharmaceutical Waste


Preparation and Handling

Pharmaceutical Waste (0903)

Source: Council on Pharmacy Practice

To collaborate with regulatory bodies and appropriate organizations to develop standards for the disposal of pharmaceutical hazardous waste as defined in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), for the purpose of simplifying the disposal of these substances by health systems; further,

To encourage pharmaceutical manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide guidance and assistance to hospitals and health systems in proper pharmaceutical waste disposal and destruction efforts; further,

To advocate that EPA update the list of hazardous substances under RCRA and establish a process for maintaining a current list; further,

To urge federal, state, and local governments to harmonize regulations regarding disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical waste; further,

To advocate that the Food and Drug Administration standardize labeling of drug products with information relating to appropriate disposal; further,

To promote awareness within hospitals and health systems of pharmaceutical waste regulations; further,

To encourage research on the environmental and public health impacts of drug products and metabolites excreted in human waste; further,

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