0611 – Redistribution of Unused Medications


Drug Distribution and Control

Redistribution of Unused Medications (0611)

Source: Council on Legal and Public Affairs

To advocate that any program for the return and reuse of medications comply with all federal and state laws (including laws regarding controlled substances); further,

To advocate that in order to ensure patient safety and provide an equal standard of care for all patients, such a program should include the following elements: (1) compliance with practice standards, accreditation standards, and laws related to prescription dispensing; (2) a requirement that these medications must not have been out of the possession of a licensed health care professional or his or her designee; (3) protection of the privacy of the patient for whom the prescription was originally dispensed; (4) inclusion of only those drug products that are in their original sealed packaging or in pharmacy-prepared unit-of-use packaging that is not expired and has been properly stored; (5) the presence of a system for identifying medications for the purpose of a drug recall or market withdrawal; (6) a definition of patient eligibility for participation in the program; and (7) adequate compensation of participating pharmacists for any associated costs.

This policy was reviewed in 2010 by the Council on Public Policy and by the Board of Directors and was found to still be appropriate.

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting (0401)

Source: Council on Professional Affairs

To foster increased pharmacist and public awareness of drug product counterfeiting; further,

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