George R. Collins, DO

Joseph Susa, DO

Clay J. Cockerell, MD

Numerous hyperpigmented papules image, lichenified plaques image, and nodules image are seen here diffusely involving the lower leg of a patient who recently returned from Africa.

A large unilateral right inguinal mass, composed of enlarged lymph nodes, hernia, and worm(s), involves folds of inelastic, atrophic skin in the area and results in the “hanging groin” sign.



  • “River blindness”


  • Chronic systemic filarial infection most commonly involving skin and eyes


Infectious Agents

  • Caused by filarial nematode Onchocerca volvulus

  • Lifecycle

    • Transmitted to humans via bite of Simulium black fly, found near free-flowing waterways

    • Bite results in microfilariae entering skin and developing into adult worms in subdermal connective tissues

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