Fox-Fordyce Disease

Fox-Fordyce Disease

Michael W. Peterson, DO

Cary Chisholm, MD

Clay J. Cockerell, MD

Fox-Fordyce disease is characterized by grouped papules in the groin and, pictured above, the axilla. (Courtesy N. Agim, MD.)

There is a follicular plug image obstructing the follicle and eccrine duct ostium. There is a surrounding mild, perifollicular and periadnexal, lymphocytic infiltrate image.



  • Apocrine miliaria


  • Keratin plugging of apocrine glands resulting in sweat retention and rupture of superficial apocrine duct



  • Multiple possible triggers

    • Hormonal factors

    • Emotional stimuli

    • Physical stimuli

Keratin Plugging of Apocrine Glands

  • Causes sweat retention

  • Ultimately distention and rupture of gland

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