Clear Cell Acanthoma

Clear Cell Acanthoma

Christine J. Ko, MD

Clear cell acanthoma at low-power magnification shows clear/pale cells in an acanthotic epidermis. The lesion is sharply demarcated from the surrounding epidermis image.

In this medium-power magnification of clear cell acanthoma, there are clear/pale cells image with overlying parakeratosis. The lesion is sharply demarcated from the adjacent normal epidermis image.



  • Clear cell acanthoma (CCA)


  • Degos acanthoma, pale cell acanthoma


  • Benign epidermal tumor, generally on lower legs of women

  • Epidermal acanthosis with pale or clear cells, often with overlying parakeratosis

  • Pale or clear cells sharply demarcated from adjacent, normal epidermis

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