Choledochal Cyst

Choledochal Cyst

Laura Webb Lamps, MD

Anteroposterior radiograph during percutaneous cholangiogram shows fusiform dilatation of the common bile duct with rapid change in caliber at the sphincter of Oddi, confirming type I choledochal cyst.

This section of choledochal cyst from a resection specimen shows a thickened fibrotic wall with chronic inflammation and ulcerated overlying epithelium.



  • Cystic dilatation of biliary tract, usually extrahepatic



  • Possible congenital malformation

    • Majority of patients have abnormal pancreaticobiliary junction

      • Long common channel between distal common bile duct and pancreatic duct

      • May allow pancreatic secretions to reflux into bile ducts, possibly causing damage and eventual dilatation

  • No specific inheritance pattern

  • Occasionally coexists with congenital hepatic fibrosis, biliary dysgenesis, extrahepatic cystic disease



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