Behçet Disease

Behçet Disease

Brian J. Hall, MD

Bruce R. Smoller, MD

David J. DiCaudo, MD

These are indurated plaques on the arm with superficial erosions in a patient with genital and oral ulcerations. Biopsy showed LCV and subcorneal neutrophilic pustulosis compatible with Behçet disease.

Behçet disease involving the scrotum. Deep dermal vessels image are the focus of a dense inflammatory infiltrate associated with vasculitis.



  • Behçet disease (BD)


  • Behçet syndrome, oculo-oral-genital syndrome, aphthosis


  • Systemic illness defined by the presence of recurrent oral aphthous ulcerations plus any 2 of the following

    • Genital ulcerations, skin lesions (erythema nodosum [EN]-like lesions, pseudofolliculitis, papulopustular lesions, or postadolescent acneiform lesions), eye lesions (retinal vasculitis, anterior or posterior uveitis), or positive pathergy test

    • Oral aphthous ulcers must recur at least 3x over 12-month period



  • Age

    • Young adults

    • Peak incidence in 3rd decade

  • Gender

    • Male predominance

  • Ethnicity

    • Worldwide distribution but highest incidence in Pacific rim and Mediterranean countries


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