Laura Webb Lamps, MD

This cross section from a partial hepatectomy for angiosarcoma shows numerous cystic, blood-filled spaces. (Courtesy C. Trower, PA (ASCP) and A. Folpe, MD.)

Markedly atypical neoplastic endothelial cells line vascular spaces. Note that the normal hepatic architecture has been destroyed.



  • Rare malignant vascular tumor of liver

    • Most common primary hepatic sarcoma

    • Approximately 2% of malignant liver tumors


Environmental Exposure

  • Drugs/toxins

    • Vinyl chloride

    • Arsenic

    • Thorotrast

    • Androgens

    • Contraceptive steroids

    • Copper sulfate

    • Diethylstilbestrol

    • Phenelzine

  • About 25-40% of cases associated with vinyl chloride, Thorotrast, arsenic, or steroids

    • Many of these agents no longer used or strictly controlled, but they have very long latency period of up to several decades after exposure

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