Acute Cellular Rejection

Acute Cellular Rejection

Lisa Yerian, MD

H&E section of acute rejection shows a mixed portal inflammatory cell infiltrate composed of activatedappearing lymphocytes, histiocytes, eosinophils, and other inflammatory cells.

H&E stain demonstrates endotheliitis image of a portal vein branch and bile duct damage image. The portal tract also contains a mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate.



  • Acute cellular rejection (ACR)


  • Acute rejection


  • Immune-mediated inflammation and injury of liver allograft due to genetic mismatch


Immune-mediated Inflammatory Process

  • Recipient immune system recognizes donor antigens in liver allograft as foreign

  • Inflammatory cells in portal tracts and centrilobular, perivenular areas cause damage to biliary epithelium and endothelial cells

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